Car Rental Over Public Transportation

Why do commuters prefer personalized transport services over public transports? This thought provoking question struck me while I was reading about enormous growth of car rental companies and agencies. Considering the facts like- money and safety, public transport is any day safer; for you travel with so many co-passengers. Studies show that to travel in public transport is 79% more safe and cheap because you share prices, families slot online that use public transportation can reduce their household expenses by $6, 200 annually, more than what an average household spends on food every year.

Then what makes commuters to pay extra money for car rental without even considering public transport options available. Government all over the world has been exhausting economic resources on making and maintaining buses, railways, metro trains, trams etc.

But instead of public transportation services bilutleie as a Norwegian would say (car rental in Norwegian language) is growing rapidly. Counting reasons for this failure isn’t difficult, firstly public transport (even if we may cut cost of fuel consumption and costs of accidents), increases time used in travelling. Secondly transit schedules discourage use of Mass Transit. Waiting for transport or delay in departure may end up in causing irredeemable loss.

Then another problem at the heart of the debate is that good public transportation systems are not available to enough people. While public transportation is readily available in many metro cities, for the majority of commuters in smaller cities, towns and rural areas there is either no access or a very poor access to public transportation. Frequent strikes, price hikes, and poor maintenance are some of the other de-motivating facts adding up to the problems of public transport.

Therefore people choose private or hired cars over this system. Bilutleie(car rental) are gaining popularity because of their swift, timely services. A lot of people traveling from one city to another for business purpose prefer rental cars. It may be a little costly option but as it is said a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, rented car makes sure that its client reach their destination as soon as possible. This way you save your business meeting and car renters’ save time for another customer.

Have you ever wondered what its like to travel by a bike rather than a car or public transport? We know that it is certainly a greener way to travel but what do we know about its other conveniences and uses? In many busy and densely populated parts of the world, cycling is a solution to urban transport issues. Although using motor vehicles seems so convenient, it creates congestion, pollution, energy consumption and adverse effects with loss of amenities and space. This usually affects the natural and man-made environment with sound and air pollution, high energy consumption, and more time spent on the road in traffic. The costs to regulate this kind of traffic at peak hours are high and become higher with more vehicles on the road. In some countries like Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and China, road bikes are popular. There are cycle-paths and segregated cycle facilities for urban commuters on bicycle.

Cycling is a low-cost and versatile mode of mobility in cities. It emanates no pollution and is eco-friendly. Bicycles, since its first introduction and production, haven’t lost their popularity or significance. Almost all kids learn to ride a bike since young age and they never grow out of it even as adults. Whether it is a commuter road bike, a mountain bike, a comfort bike or a BMX, most of us have used a bike and continue to do so for different times and occasions. Bicycling is also a fun exercise and a way of relaxation. Apart from the bicycle’s main attraction, which is the low cost; its ability to fit into small road spaces and the required parking space make it an advantage over most other vehicles. In cities like New york, bicycle messenger services are used due to its speed and its ability to conquer traffic. Road bikes have no negative impacts on pedestrians, no carbon emissions and no fuel consumption.

Benefits of cycling are many. Apart from their ecological and economic benefits, they are also beneficial to our health with the exercise they provide while riding. Bicycles are flexible, easy to use and reliable. They have no limitations of fixed routes and transit. Riding a bike gives you the independence and freedom to move from point to point. Road bikes can certainly improve the quality of urban life, by reducing motor vehicles. Urban commuting is made easy with specially designed road bikes. They are built for travelling faster on paved roads. They are generally lightweight and have multiple derailleur gears and sometimes varieties of other gears like single speed and fixed gears.

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